Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Costume

It has been years since I have dressed up for Halloween. I think the last time was when Mike and I were dating and we went to a party it had been a while.

This year with working at the preschool, I had to have something for the party with the kids. So Teacher Lori and I thought we'd be Disco Divas ! I found a costume pattern online, rented some GO-GO Boots and I was all set. It turned out pretty cute and we had a fun time today !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Goodies !

Tonight the boys and I prepared our Halloween Goodies to hand out to their classes. It was such a fun night ! They made ghost, pumpkin, cat & bat cookies..very yummy...and I also helped to make spider lollies. (thx for the idea Ny) Everything turned out so cute and the boys can't wait to hand them our to their friends.

It's moments like these, spending time with my boys, why I LOVE being a mom !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


While my nephew was here, I made matching "jammies" for all the boys..

Sharks were the theme of the week so this is what they got, soft & cozy shark pj pants !

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's been a while..I know...

I realized today that it has been AGES since I have had the time, energy or time, did I mention time, to be on my blog. I have missed putting updates on, loading photos and catching up on my friends stories as well.

Let's's how October has gone so far...
1st -10th : dad softball game..saying goodbye to my sister and her kids..lunch with a friend & her girls..Matthew's first dental cleaning..softball & soccer again !

11th-17th : me sick for 3 days (not fun at all)..matthew's field trip to pumpkin patch..volunteering in kindergarten for 1st time (had a blast)..going to visit our son at college for his birthday with family !

18th-24th : ryan sick (missed 1st day of school)..softball night (board games) (ryan scored another goal)

25th-31st : friend birthday party @ work for me today ! ( I made it to the gym)..and the rest of the week we have soccer practice, volunteering at the book faire, halloween fun night at school & end the week with soccer game !

So see, it's not that I don't have great intentions about being on here daily and sharing my thoughts and photos..sometimes I just get caught up in well life and don't get to it. But with the holidays coming upon us, I want to try and be more diligent about being on here. I love to share and tell stories (as anyone can tell you) so I am going to do my best to be more on top of things.

This is my favorite time of year and I can't wait to share all of the fun things we'll be doing !

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Walking School Bus

This past week our elementary school had "Walking School Bus" Day. I had no idea how fun it was going to be. The "bus" was scheduled to be at our corner at 8:09 am and we were right on time.
This is our bus. Our kids did a great job of holding it up during the 15 minute walk to school.

We brought our cousins along for the walk since they were staying with us this week. They held hands almost the entire way.

When we got to the school, there were balloons, goodies to eat, music and they were tossing out toys.
Even the school mascot was there to greet the kids. It was a fun way to start out our day. Way to go Huskies !!!

Apple Hill

Oh how we love to go to Apple Hill. It is a family tradition for several years now, probably since before Ryan was born. We love to go and enjoy the apple cider's the first stop every year, then we venture on and see what there is to see. This year we went with friends and tried out 2 different farms. We picked our own apples, did a little face painting & enjoyed the day with some music. If you haven't been, be sure and take a trip this'll enjoy it !

Friday, October 2, 2009

What a Dad !

Today we started a new tradition...Date Night with our kids. Our pastor has spoken over the years of having "date nights" with all his children. This is a way to ensure some good quality time with his kids and get to know them better over the years. We have been anxiously waiting for Ryan to start Kindergarten so the new tradition could begin.
This afternoon Dad took his son to the movies. It was a 3-D one no less, which was a first for Ryan. They enjoyed popcorn, candy, a funny movie and time together which can never be lost. It was so exciting for me to see the happy smiles on their faces as they told me of their time together. I can't wait for it to be my turn to have our "date night", it's sure to be a fun time !

A little tear ...

... for the kids leaving our house yesterday. My sister's visit is coming to an end and I am SOOOOO sad to see them leave. We had such fun with the kids staying at our house this past week. The kids had such fun playing together, making tent beds all over the house and having campouts in their room. I am so happy that they will all remember this visit and their cousins, but I am also shedding a few tears at the thought of not seeing them again until next year. Here are a few photos of their visit together...