Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let Christmas Begin

Well it's that time of year again..which I love. This is my favorite time of the year..decorations are up, lights are on the houses and Christmas music is on the radio !! I just LOVE it !!
We were sent and early package this year with instructions to open by Dec. 1st, so this afternoon the boys got to open the FIRST presents of the season. We received some gingerbread scented ornaments (too cute),
a gingerbread train to make
(we're going t
o do that with grandma & uncle brett this weekend)
and a cute count down to Christmas calendar for the boys room.. all thanks to Auntie Marci aka Ria. It was so
fun to watch their eyes light up with excitement as to what was in the presents. Plus I am just a big kid myself when it comes to gifts, so I was just as excited.
What made it all the more special was the all 3 boys were home to open gifts. It was nice to have them all together if even only for a little while. Ryan & Matthew had so much fun with their big brother home..they love him so.
And now that they are asleep it's time for me to fill their stocking calendars with goodies for the morning. I can't wait!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I actually got up at 5:30am today to go out and do some shopping!! Crazy I know..what was I thinking! There were only 2 stores that I wanted to hit and the deals were good, so I figured why not. I haven't been out shopping the day after thanksgiving in so many years that it felt good to be out. I was prepared for the long lines, the grumpy shoppers and thankfully I didn't run into either.
My first stop was the fabric store..I got a 50% deal on fabric for my new newphew Seth's gift (still not telling you Bekah), a great deal on fleece for some Christmas presents for some friends and a Christmas present for me from my sister..thanks Bekah..the ruler was 50% off..I will enjoy it! There was even a 20% off coupon from the entire total! It was so worth the lack of sleep for the good deals.. :)
The next stop was Circut City to get us a new printer..finally! When I passed by there on my way to Joann's there was a line outside the store. When I got there, there was no line to get in..I walked to the printers..a guy got it out of the back..rang me up at the printer area and right back out the was so nice..I didn't have to wait in one single line. For what could have been a nightmare turned out to be a nice quiet time to myself for 2 hours this morning.
Well now I am off to enjoy the rest of my day..get ready to make Christmas goodies and spend time with family.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving 2008

Today has been a wonderful holiday and has reminded me of all that I have to be thankful for. It has been a day all about being part of a loving family and how much fun we have together. Each one took his or her part in the turkey feast...whether it was preparing the turkey, playing with your nephews, peeling potatoes or washing all those dishes...we all had a hand in something today. Dinner was so Delicious. I enjoyed every bite on my plate and then some, but then I do enjoy my food.
My favorite part of the day was learning to play a new game today...Rock Band II XBOX 360...and oh how we all enjoyed it! I found out that I really should have been in a band..I can play the guitar, bass and the drums..just don't ask me to sing..hee hee This kept us all entertained a good part of the day. We'll all be playing this the rest of the weekend for sure.
In thinking back on the day, there are so many blessings I have to be thankful for... husband, children, parents, brothers and sisters, friends, the Lord who provides all our blessings, my Bible Study and laughter...just to name a few.
I pray that today was a beautiful day for all my friends and family wherever they were celebrating.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Ready

We are preparing to go and be with family for Thanksgiving today. It is always interesting trying to pack up everyone, clean the house and keep the little ones entertained. They are being so helpful by taking clothes out of their luggage and repacking it for me.
I am excited for "turkey day" this year. Both our families will be together at my in-laws home. Our son is coming home from college today to join us as well. It could only be more complete if my sister and her family were here from NZ, but hopefully in a few more years that will be a reality. For now, the thought of the the majority of us being together is wonderful.
I am so thankful that we will all be able to sit and enjoy a most delicious dinner all under one roof. Family is so important to us and I cherish all our moments with one another. Here's to another week full of laughter and joy..if only I can finish getting ready!!