Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Ready

We are preparing to go and be with family for Thanksgiving today. It is always interesting trying to pack up everyone, clean the house and keep the little ones entertained. They are being so helpful by taking clothes out of their luggage and repacking it for me.
I am excited for "turkey day" this year. Both our families will be together at my in-laws home. Our son is coming home from college today to join us as well. It could only be more complete if my sister and her family were here from NZ, but hopefully in a few more years that will be a reality. For now, the thought of the the majority of us being together is wonderful.
I am so thankful that we will all be able to sit and enjoy a most delicious dinner all under one roof. Family is so important to us and I cherish all our moments with one another. Here's to another week full of laughter and joy..if only I can finish getting ready!!

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