Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today was a day of blessings.
Blessing #1 : I awoke to a quiet house..2 little angels slept in till 8:15 & I was up around 7:30. This gave me the opportunity to have some great quiet time with the Lord, to pray and read my summer study.
Blessing #2 : I am going back to work...part time this fall ! I will be an assistant teacher at a Christian preschool. Matthew will attend (at no additional cost) ! And being able to bring a little extra income is, well, a blessing !
Blessing #3 : A good friend is willing to pick Ryan up from Kindergarten everyday ! This was huge, because Ryan gets out of school at the same time I am done with work. It is only this first year that the schedule's are tight, when he is in half day school.

Thank you Lord for blessing me today (& everyday), for my good friends & for my family !

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