Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Drop Me Off Please"

Today is the 4th day of school and already my little kindergartner asked to be dropped off at the gate ! I couldn't believe it..he didn't want me to walk him up to the door, he didn't want me to hold his hand in line, he didn't want any of those we drove up to the curb, he gave me a hug, put on his backpack, opened up the door, waved goodbye, and he was off through the gate. It was a little hard for me to see him wanting to be so independent already..I mean we haven't even finished the first week yet ! To help me feel a little better, I made a second circle in the parking lot to see what he was doing inside the yard..he was standing in line like a big boy! I was so proud to see that he was waiting patiently and yet sad that he is growing up so fast.

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Ny said...

Okay, tears..... I drove around again the first time I dropped Grace off without my assistance. Scary, eery feeling isn't it.