Saturday, September 26, 2009

4 Kids & a Dog

Starting tomorrow I am going to have 4 kids and a dog !! We are watching my niece & nephew while my sister is visiting friends in Canada & attending a wedding there as well. The boys are so excited to have them come and stay the night. They have a campout planned for tomorrow night in the living room, sidewalk chalk painting for after school on Monday & popsicles on Tuesday ! I too am excited to be having them over..although I must say 4 is more interesting than 2. I had a practice day on friday, taking all 4 on a field trip. It went well and I was out of the house on time (which made my day)..we'll see how it goes on Monday when I have to get them all out of the house by 8:15 for school. It has been so wonderful to have them here the entire month of Sept. I can't think of a better way to end their visit than with them playing together and having that campout !

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Charlene said...

Sounds like a full house! :) Hope you have a great time with everyone & the doggie! xx