Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Memory Visit

This month my sister and her little ones are here for a visit. They live in New Zealand, so we only get a visit once a year. It is a very special time when we are all together and we try and make the most of every day. This visit feels extra special because my little one (almost 3) and her oldest (2 1/2) will make memories they will remember this visit. This is the age that my oldest really remembered Auntie playing with him and being here, so my sister and I are so excited about what they will each remember about one another and all the fun they are going to have together. (which has already begun) They were only together for 3 hours tonight, but they made the most of it !
Seth and Matthew

Emma & Ryan coloring.

3 cousins together !

Playing baby :)

Squishing Auntie !

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