Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Better Prepared...

In an effort to be more prepared for 2010 I am doing the following while on Christmas vacation :
  1. Creating our January Month Menu (this is already done)
  2. Adding reminders to my calendar for birthday shopping...I am adding these in about 2-3 weeks before each birthday or event that I need to have a gift or card for. I am hoping to not be late for any occasion this year.
  3. Planning a Date Night for us at least once a month. We didn't have nearly as much quality couple time this past year, so I am aiming for this to be better.
  4. Planning Family Fun Night once a month. I thought this would be a fun night to go to the roller rink, have movie night at home or attend a local event as a family. Family Time is just as important as Couple Time.
  5. Cleaning Schedule : I am not a woman who enjoys cleaning, so I put it off until I have to do it. I am going to try and make this easier on myself by having 1-2 things to do each day. Maybe this will make the task not as daunting. If anyone has any ideas they want to share to help make this easier, I welcome them.

I already have numbers 1 & 3 done for January so I am off to a good start !

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