Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ice Skating !

Today was Matthew's preschool field trip to the Ice Skating Rink. We have been looking forward to going all week. And all of us (minus Darren who's away at school) were able to go. Dad took the day off from work and we let Ryan play hookie from Kindergarten. ( it is only Kindergarten after all)

We had so much fun. The smaller kids used these buckets stacked on top of each other to help keep their balance. They were great for helping them to "race" across the ice. I was so proud of Ryan for only needing to use the buckets for the first half hour. After that he was on his own skating the entire rink with his dad. There was also a snow pile that the kids could make snowballs and toss at a target.
All in all it was a great morning of family fun !

The boys trying out the buckets.

Matthew doing some skating.

Ryan skating all on his proud !

We had a great day !

The boys taking a quick photo for mom !

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