Thursday, May 7, 2009

ER Visit

Tonight we took a trip to the ER ! Ryan hurt his knee the other day and has a bruise or two..we still aren't sure what exactly happened, but it has been bothering him off and on this week.
Then this afternoon he started complaining of it hurting, just while he was sitting down on the couch. Then the fever came on and wasn't going after a call to the advice nurse, we were off to the ER. (a good friend came to be with matthew so we could both go)
They were very quick in getting us in..come to find out they were worried about a septic infection in his knee that would have required surgery tonight. PTL..that is not the case..he just has a badly bruised knee and a fever that might be turning into the flu..we are watching that closely.
I am just so thankful tonight for the power of prayer. This could have easily turned into a long and scary situation for us, but God was watching over our little man. I know we had prayers going up that the pain would be gone and his fever to drop..I am so thankful to be going to sleep in my own home instead of being up half the night while my 5 yr old was in major surgery. It is now time for me to go and crash with the rest of the family on the living room floor..we are having an impromptu camp out together. There's nothing like the feeling of being all together in the same room and knowing that your children are safe.

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