Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Agrodome ~ Rotorua

I think that this was my favorite of all things to see while in New Zealand. The Agrodome is a working farm where they have hundreds if not thousands of animals. What we got to see was a Sheep show and take a Farm Tour on a tractor.

There are 19 different sheep that are shown to you..they show you the dogs that herd the sheep..the host sheers a sheep and hands out can milk a can feed little lambs..and you can go up and say hi to all the woolies! I have to be honest, when my sister said we were going to a "sheep show" I had my doubts, but it was so interesting. I had no idea there were so many types of sheep. It was fascinating to go up and pet them and feed them. The lambs are just so cute, it makes you want to take one home with you. I hope that someday I can take my boys to enjoy this experience for themselves.
Here are all 19 sheep from around the world.
Our guide sheering a sheep.
The dogs herding the sheep & jumping on them.

The grand Merino Sheep. (he's a big one)

Seth & I saying hello.

Getting ready to milk a cow.

A close up with Mr. Wooly.

Playing with the little lambs.

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