Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Farm Tour @ the Agrodome

We went on a fun tractor ride that took us all over the working farm at the Agrodome. There are thousands of animals there from sheep, dogs, cows, ostriches, lamas, alpacas, deer and emus. I got a chance to feed some sheep, lamas & alpacas (not the emus..they peck) was quite an experience. They do not say please, they do NOT wipe their lips and they do NOT care if they have to jump on you to get their food. (the boys would have liked it) There is also a kiwi orchard, where we had a taste of some kiwi was quite sweet and tasty.

Thanks for taking me here was a great outing !
Our tractor ride.

Some of the ostriches..they are bigger than I thought.

Feeding time !

Bekah & Seth saying hi to the alpaca.

A really hairy cow ! (this one's for you Bekah)

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