Monday, January 12, 2009


I sit here in this quiet house, as all are asleep, and think of a woman who is an inspiration to Grandma. She is a strong Christian woman with a deep faith in the Lord. She prays faithfully every night for all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Today she sent me some poems & stories to read and to share with friends. I have received a few other notes such as these from her, but tonight as I sit here after reading them I realize what a lovely thing it was to receive them today. She could have just sent me a note to say hello, or just a card wishing me well..but instead they are words and stories about Jesus. What an awesome gift to give...inspiring stories with a verse at the end. Little did she know or did I know that those verses were exactly what I needed to hear and read tonight. Reading them was the best way to end my day today. Thank you Grandma for being so generous and faithful to your grandchildren.
My prayer tonight is that I remember to do the little things such as this to my friends and family...praying for them and sending little notes of praise and prayer to those I love.

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