Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6th

Today has given me some time to stop and think about this first week of the New Year. I have taken an idea from a friend to simplify our lives this year (thanks ny) and am taking it to heart. It's amazing to me how the little changes are making a big difference to me. Keeping in step with my own goals/resolutions this year..I am making things easier and simple if you would.
I sat down to the computer the other night and made out a month calendar of meals for our family for Jan. Now some of you may think I am just nuts for trying to think of about 28 different meals to put on a calendar in one night. (i had to leave a few days for mom to have a night off) But here's what the end result was : I now have a calendar on my fridge, for all to see, that we are following thus far..it was a great help with my first grocery shopping trip of the year..I didn't go over budget on things we don't really need because I knew what we would be using. I have made a template for myself on the computer so that next month I can go in and just fill in the meals on the dates.
The next SIMPLIFY goal I am starting has to do with reading my Bible. I have always wanted to read it all the way through, but for some reason never quiet get it done. This year is going to be different. I found a fun tool on crosswalk.com that has a study tool for reading the Bible in a Year. The schedule of readings is set for you..I go in and check it off when I am done ( I love having accountability) and if I chose to read it online, I could highlight, make notes and such as well. So far I am right on track and have also started making notes for myself as I read..so it has become more of a study then just reading time. I have note cards next to my bedside so that I can write down thoughts and content of the verses for the day. After I have a few note cards filled out I plan on putting them on the computer to make myself a reference binder to help me find those special verses and stories in the Bible.
So far just these 2 things have given me more time with my family at night and a sense of closeness with God as I read His word each day. I must say so far 2009 rocks !

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Anonymous said...

Great idea on the reading the bible all the way through. I will have to check it out! My menu planning a whole month has been great, saving money and time, what a treat for us mom's! Love you.