Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family Time

Tonight was such a fun family night..we had a random dinner tonight, the boys something different from us, but at least they ate most of it. After dinner was game time..Ryan picked Backgammon..which isn't really a kid game, but he wanted to play with Dad's "suitcase" game ! It turned out to be great practice with counting the dice and counting out the spaces to move. We only managed to get one game done before Matthew decided it was time to play with the pieces a different way..much more fun for him I'm sure.
Bath time gave me such smiles tonight..they were still using the bath foam from Grandma. Tonight Ryan thought he would wash Matthew's hair with it..I am not sure we got all of the green tint out, but he was laughing at it, so no harm done. It was just a fun time to see them playing and enjoying each other as brothers do. Just another reminder of why I love being a mom..they are just so darn cute in the tub !

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