Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Down...

...11 months to go ! I thought I'd give a recap of how the first month went with my goal/resolution list. I surprised myself and did well..not great, but a good start.
  • I have read through Genesis, Exodus & most of Matthew
  • We had our 1st friend get together..Superbowl 2009..way too much fun !
  • The boys and I learned the 12 disciples
  • I have sewn more than 1 thing & managed to scrap only 1..but in 2 weeks I am attending a scrap night, so I will achieve my goal :)
  • I organized & created the pantry...PTL !! (with the help of hubby)
  • And I am keeping in touch with friends..thanks FB
I so wish that a gym routine was on my list tonight..but with colds and Dr. appts that come up, I have been unable to be consistent. I am going, just not regularly yet..I'll get there though. It feels good to look back and see that I am staying true to what I want to do this year. I guess I am growing up a little...but not all the way yet !

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