Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Party !

What a fun time we had yesterday with friends ! As part of my goals for the year to do more things with friends..we had our first annual Super Bowl Party..and it was great ! We finally feel we are able to host a "tv" event thanks to our 42" flat screen..a deal we couldn't pass up.
4 families joined together yesterday to enjoy so many yummy bites...meatballs, taquitos, chips & guac, chili bowls for half time, cheese & salami & chocolate covered pretzels sticks for a sweet ! You would have thought an army was eating here..we also had enough to drink for an army..but that's what it is all about.
The kids had a bounce house to play in out back (thank you Dukes')..the adults had their football pool (thank you Chris)..I even won at the half ! There were laughs, cheers, shouts and of course the kids were having fun too. It was a fun afternoon and I am so thankful to have been able to share it with my family and good friends !

The crazy adults !

The entertaining kids !

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