Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Time at Mini Golf

This weekend family was here..we had such a good time together. Saturday we went out to lunch and enjoyed a round of mini golf. We had never taken the little guys so this was a real treat ! They LOVED it! Matthew and Ryan got the hang of it right away and were swinging their clubs like their everyone else's was great. They really enjoyed the hole in one tins..they helped us all get at least 1 each. We made it through with only Mom losing her ball in the river..I just couldn't make it over the ramp..oh well..some kids went for a quick dip and pulled about 7 balls out for all. We even finished off the day with Mike hitting a hole in one for a free game..YEAH Mike! It was so fun to enjoy time together..can't wait for our next visit !

The boys working on their putting.

Watching Grandpa make the shot.

I got a hole in one !

Dad showing us his skills.

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Ny said...

Love the shot of you! Way to go girl! Show those men a thing or two (tee hee). Love you. Ny