Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feeling Good...

... about being organized today ! Last night I was able to go through all my fabric, scrapbook paper & embellishments and seperate it all out. It took some time, but with my hubby gone for the weekend I had the whole night..once the kids were in bed. :)
This morning I took the kids to Target (a favorite around here) and picked up a few containers and then headed on home to put it all together. I must say I am so pleased with how things have turned out. I can see what fabrics I have to work with in a nice closed container..I was keeping them in a very large gift bag that was starting to split at the sides. I also put my current projects in a smaller carrier so that it can be moved around if need be. The patterns are all together in a file folder..I hadn't realized how many I had collected..there are a few projects that may have slipped my mind.
As for the scrapbooking items..I rearranged some things..putting the boys craft tools and items, such as yarn, wiggly eyes, glue sticks and so forth, into a couple art bins. This cleared out space in my roll around cart that is at my work table. Now it is filled with all of my goodies..stamps, stickers, brads, eyelets..just so nice to see it all together. Paper is also neatly in my 12x12 holder, sorted by color and then patterns. I even rearranged the space in the closet so it looks much cleaner..Mike will be very happy about this. :)
The time that I thought I would spend doing work on projects this weekend turned out to be time well spent going through things and getting nice and organized. Now I am ready to tackle a project tonight after the boys go to bed..and it will be so much more fun now that it is all right at my fingertips.

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Ny said...

Wish I was there to help, sounds like fun :-). Miss you, Ny