Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bowling for 16 !

Today the kids and I went bowling with friends..16 kids bowling to be exact ! It was quite a morning..they had so much fun..it was the best way to spend a rainy day. This was Matthew's first time to bowl and he caught on quickly..which is more than I can say for his bowling technique. He would take his 6 pound ball and carry it to the lane..then give it a slight little push and then sit and watch it roll on down. It seemed like this sometimes took a good 2 minutes. He did manage to knock down a few pins..so he was quite happy with himself.

Ryan has been bowling before so he was an old pro. He would choose his ball..take 2 big steps..and the give it a toss..he even managed a spare in the last set to put him to a score of 70 ! They both enjoyed themselves and had a great time with friends..enjoy the photos of all the kids having a fun time !

What a fun group of friends !

Just hanging out in the lanes.

Sitting with the kids..watching Matthew's ball.

Ryan & Matthew watching the ball .

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