Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Tv Day

Today we decided should be a NO TV Day ! I saw and ad in one of the "parent" magazines that No Tv week is coming up at the end of April..the 20th -the 27th I believe. So I thought we should give it a dry run today. So far I must say it is going very nicely. The boys are finding many ways to entertain each other..hide n seek..bubbles on the patio..playing with trains..the list goes on and on. Papa is also coming over for lunch which is an exciting event today..he is working in Roseville today so they are very happy to be seeing him in the middle of the week.

I have noticed a small growing trend here in our home..the tv is being left on at times throughout the day mostly as background noise. I am just as guilty as the next person for doing this. When I am cleaning I like to have something on, like a good movie that I know well, just to hear the funny parts. Well this has turned into something the kids are starting to do as well. This is not a habit I want them to pick up from me. We can do without the extra noise and get back to the basics of playing with each other and all the toys we have.

Spring is here now and it's time to be outside..when possible..and enjoy the company of one another and not the tv. My boys won't be this age for much longer and I want to remember doing more than watching with them.

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Qrratugai said...

I totally hear ya there :S Unfortunately, in my family, it's not even the tv; it's the COMPUTER! And it's really hard to get my little nephew (6 years old) to do something other than the computer or video games!

No-tv is a really good idea; I should consider no-computer with my nephew for some time.