Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Adventures

This weekend we went to spend Easter with the Bandy Family clan in Fresno. We go every year and stay with Great Grandma..it is always a fun time.
We started out the weekend by coloring our eggs for the Easter Bunny..the boys had to make sure that they were all set for him to hide for them. Now I have seen some photos of my friends "girls" coloring their eggs and things are all set up on the table..everything looks so nice and neat. Well that is NOT how my boys color eggs..it is a "hands on" experience. Take a look and you'll see just what I mean..

It all began on the lawn so neatly..

..then Matthew needed a closer look..

..Ryan is getting ready to get those hands colored..

..there's a little more color now..

..and this is the final result !

I must say, even though it took me 10 minutes EACH to wash their hands clean..they did have a fun time. I guess boys do egg coloring different from girls !

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