Sunday, April 26, 2009

The new room ! is officially done ! The wallpaper is gone..the glue is down (that was a project all in itself)..the paint is done..the mural is painted..shelves have been put up (thanks honey)..and I am now sitting and enjoying my new space. I am not totally done organizing and there are a few fun things I'd still like to go get, but as far as the hard's all done ! Now it's time to enjoy and get back to the fun!

Here is the painting before the room is put back together.

Now with the workspace put back in place.

The relaxing side of the room.

And of course my board..where I keep all the family info !

Just to point out a few things..I now have a place for my cricut, up on the shelf where the boys can't reach it to play with..loving that..I have a bookshelf now for the printer and my Bible Study books..this room can also be a quiet place to read and pray..and the shelf above that for my sewing books..and last but certainly not least is the hand print calendar my son made in is currently showing his hand print as an umbrella for April !

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Ny said...

Super cute what your friend did, very creative! Now that your organized I want to see some pictures! :-) Looks great!