Thursday, December 18, 2008

All Done Shopping

Well it has been a few days since I have had the time to sit and write..and so many fun things have happened. I will be adding more this weekend with photos to fill you all in on our exciting week.
I am happy to say that I am done Christmas Shopping! And some of the deals I got are AMAZING!! All I can say to that is "Thank you Lord"..I was blessed this year by so many wonderful sales and online coupons that I am now even more thankful that I have my name on a few was also convenient that the coupons matched the stores I was going to..that doesn't always work out. It was a long day of shopping and dragging the boys in and out of so many stores to get gift cards and small things today..but it all paid off and now I am so excited of the deals and the fact that I am all done..I have this extra energy that is just wanting to be used.I will probably stay up way too late tonight and wrap most of them while the boys are sleeping. It is a much easier task to do when they are not trying to be big helpers all the time. It is precious that they are so eager to help me out..but sometimes it just isn't the right time for help.
We did receive an early Christmas present from our oldest son..he got us tickets to the UNR/UNC basketball game in Reno for New Year's Eve!! UNC is my hubby's favorite college basketball team and this was an opportunity not to be passed up. We are so excited to be doing something so fun on New Year's Eve..what a fun time we'll have. I can't wait to post photos and show off our night. Well I am off to wrap those presents and play some Christmas music quietly while the house sleeps..Merry Christmas !

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