Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas Celebration

Last Tuesday night was our first Christmas celebration of the date there will be 4 total this year, wow I know..we had such a great time. The reason for our early get together was to have a night with Darren. He was only home for the night, returning from his first semeseter away at UNR..he & Amy had just returned home that afternoon and we were all so excited to see them. There was a lot of wrestling before dinner just to show how much they were missed !
Dinner was a green salad, manicoti, french bread and lemon bars & chocolate cake cookies for dessert ! We all enjoyed every last bite. There wasn't one single crumb for leftovers! After dinner it was time for presents..YEAH !
It fun to catch a glimpse of what Christmas Day will be like.. To end our evening we all snuggled together to watch Batman the Dark Night. Before it was over, half of us watching were catching some zzzzz...what a fun night to be all together.

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