Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home Again

This Christmas was so enjoyable..being with family..opening gifts..eating WAY too much delicious food..I had a great time this blessed season ! We had Christmas Eve Day with one set of Grandparents and Christmas Day with the other. Both days were filled with fun and excitement in watching the kids open their gifts and the smiles on their faces as they were playing with new toys. I am so glad that we are able to visit with each of our families without having to travel to very far. It is so important to us as a family to be with everyone around the holidays. Family is very important to us, and as we were missing 1 of ours this year, it was a reminder of how much we love each other and miss them when they are not with us. How precious each member of this family is to me..I love each one ! (photos will be coming of the festivities)
Now that we are back home, I am thinking about the coming year and what the Lord will have in store for our family. I am excited about trips we may take, the boys playing sports, me working on my sewing machine & scraping, being together as a family. It is so nice to have these next few days to reflect before the New Years excitement is upon us. I am so blessed by my family, the love of my husband, my kids, friends and by the Lord's grace and mercy that cover us each day ! I can't wait for 2009 !

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