Friday, December 12, 2008

What a Day

Wednesday was a bit of a whirl wind day. We had preschool & Bible Study at the same time..just after both of those I was due back at church for a meeting from 12-1..which was interesting..the kids that were with us were running around the church causing some eyebrows to raise..then we were to head out and do some shopping. There were only 3 stores that we needed to get to and the first 2 went just fine..then we decided to go to the mall...yikes ! While in the dept store, Matthew decided to push Ryan in the back..this is what caused the downfall of the afternoon! Ryan hits his head on a shelf right at the level of his ear..the corner of the shelf cuts into his ear..this immediately starts to bleed in the middle of the carpeted clothing area! I apply pressure while trying to run with him in my arms, Matthew in the stroller and items on the top to the customer service dept at the back of the store. When we get there we are helped by several employees and nice shoppers. After about 30 minutes of cleaning the cut, bandaging it up and checking that he has no other symptoms of a head wound, we are FINALLY ready to go! Ryan is going to end up with a small scar on his right ear for a little while..just a reminder of how much fun little brothers can be!

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