Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Visit

I took the boys to see Santa today. This was an exciting treat for them to see him and talk with him. As we stood in line, they had questions about how he got to the mall..where were the reindeer..how long could they sit with him? so many questions for a 5 minute line.
I explained to them that this Santa is a helper to the Santa at the North Pole..for he is far too busy to come to every city right now. This seemed to be accepted as a reasonable answer.
When it was their turn to sit in the sleigh they both smiled so innocently and said " Hi Santa". They both shared what they wish for Christmas this year..Ryan a Star Wars Blaster, to go with his helmet..and Matthew a dinosaur. It was so sweet!
They both sat on his lap so nicely although there weren't great smiles captured. I am not sure how long this tradition will keep on going..but I don't see the harm in enjoying a fun fantasy for a while..that is what childhood is all about..plus I still BELIEVE too !!

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