Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lego Star Wars

This afternoon, my son and I got to enjoy some time together building our own version of star wars ships thanks to Legos. It was so fun to sit and create with him and watch his imagination go..he is so into the characters right now. He made a cruiser while I made the landing dock where his ship can come in for repairs and checks. Once they were made, it was fun to watch him run around the room flying and getting the "dark side" while I would hover around and wait for him to come to my ship. I don't think I had ever pictured myself having this kind of playtime with a child when I was younger. But let me tell was the absolute best today! Just he and I..being together..being creative..having was great! Every Mom should be able to have moments like these with her kids..just to be and play and not worry about the the other things that needed to be done today did not matter. For those 2 hours it was just us having a blast. I can only pray that we will continue to have these times together..these are the days I treasure most.

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