Monday, December 8, 2008

our tree tradition

Tonight we put up our tree and decorated it as well. Tradition in our home is to get the room all ready with lights, decorations, ornaments and Christmas music before decorating the tree. This year was no exception. After putting the tree in the stand and turning it a few times to have it in just the right spot, it was ready for lights and ornaments.
Each year the youngest starts out by putting the first ornament on the tree. Then we proceed with the next oldest until we reach me..the oldest in our house. hee hee It is fun to watch each family member choose which they will hang next and then stand in front of the tree to find just the right spot. We have been doing this since we moved into our home 7 years ago. It is such a special night for our family..although this year was not quite the same. This is our first year without our oldest son home. He is away at college this winter, but will be home for a night next week! In his honor we each put up an ornament either with his photo on it or his name. Even though he wasn't here in person, his spirit was as we put up his ornaments.
It feels a lot more like Christmas tonight..the tree is up..Bing is playing in the background, my favorite, the stockings are hung..we are almost ready for Santa to visit...we just have to write our letters first !

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